How Was Your Day?
Once there was a girl who walked around the halls
She was bored and despondent,
then walked along the walls.
Her stride did not falter when the ground began to shake.
She gripped steadfast to her brain,
but now the floor is fake
and the wall is an illusion
Her sanity’s delusions.
Her own will is yet a nuisance
as she tries to find a way.

She grabs onto a lightbulb, and dangles in the air.
The light is made of paper, and written on it is despair.
It rips and she plunders,
she falls deep down under-
if it’s even still called “falling”
when there’s no place to land.
She thinks to herself: 
“Will I ever stand?”
She sits and floats
and she begins to lose hope-
the steady floor is built of trenches on her arm.

She’s given up altogether,
there is nothing that could be better,
than ending her walk with a running-knot bow.
Yet in the midst of the action
an interruption occurs!
A warm upright hand reaches out and grabs her.
It says she’s not alone-
she is worthy
and she will grow
out of all the suffering and distaste.

How she ended up here
is not crystal clear
in the wits of the neighborly palm.
Though the reason may not matter,
she gladly didn’t get the latter
due to a friendly smile
and the common courtesy
of the simple phrase “Hello.”

by: ReillyCallison